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Conrad P. Earnest, PhD

My name is Conrad Earnest. By day I am a research scientist and by night - often literally - I am a photographer.

As a scientist I study the effects of Exercise and Nutrition and Health, Sports Performance, Genetics and Occupational Health. I have also had the pleasure of publishing a series of papers on professional cyclists competing in the Grand Tours of Cycling: The Tour de France, Vuelta a Espana and Giro d’Italia.

For a list of my publications click on the “Science” tab above. PDF re-prints of all publications are available upon request.

As a photographer, I generally focus on landscapes during the day and city scapes and night images after the sun goes down. While I have had success at selling my images and have had several gallery exhibits, it is not the primary goal for photography. I am, however, happy to sell you an image of your liking. A sample of available images are provided under the “Photography” tab above. 

If you are interested in other work you can follow me on Instagram and on Flickr. If any of my images capture your fancy and you are interested in purchases, please contact me directly.

Flickr: conradearnest

Instagram @conradearnest